a used car in a sentence

"a used car" in Chinese  
  1. After a few violent muggings, Paul buys a used car as bait.
  2. Consumers, of course, can also find a used car on the Internet.
  3. It was a used car, mind you, but they showed their appreciation.
  4. Low mileage isn't the thing to look for in a used car.
  5. Ames closed in 2002 and was turned into a used car showroom.
  6. It's difficult to find a used car in a sentence.
  7. Alycia Eck is using the Internet to look for a used car.
  8. The police chase the robbers, who hide in a used car lot.
  9. Trading stocks in Romania today is more like buying a used car.
  10. Rahman got his $ 25, 000 signing bonus, plus a used car.
  11. Such automobiles, though never driven, are then sold later as used cars.
  12. And buying long-distance service is similar to buying a used car.
  13. I just bought a used car and drove up Benedict Canyon.
  14. They put us in the same category as used car salesmen and politicians.
  15. Hardcastle, a used car dealer from Purcell, Okla ., said Tuesday.
  16. For example, you might ethically sell a used car that lacks air bags.
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