a urinal in a sentence

"a urinal" in Chinese  
  1. They take a shot of a kid sitting next to a urinal.
  2. These structures served both as urinals and supports for posters and advertising.
  3. Residents'garages were used as urinals, their homes used as escape routes.
  4. Never use a urinal next to another man, or between two other men.
  5. Wooden latrines serve as outdoor toilets and stone-covered pits as urinals.
  6. It's difficult to find a urinal in a sentence.
  7. It's amazing how quickly your mood changes once you're turned into a urinal.
  8. What happens when you hold a urinal cake in your mouth?
  9. A urinal serves as a planter for a leafy shade plant.
  10. I would recommend "'not "'ingesting a urinal cake, because of the toxic chemicals.
  11. It was ridiculous when he slammed the head of an attacker into a urinal.
  12. Under the District's Policy, male students produce samples at a urinal along a wall.
  13. Later, Eddie goes to the women's restroom and mistakes the sink for a urinal.
  14. What got to him was the stool below a urinal in the Patriots'locker room.
  15. He added, " I don't think I scrubbed a urinal in my entire life ."
  16. Le Menn jammed his clothing into a urinal and flooded an isolation cell, Petersen said.
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