a universe in a sentence

"a universe" in Chinese  
  1. A universe where Woody Allen is more popular than Tim Allen.
  2. Garfield constructed a universe possessing more subtleties than he could envision.
  3. He was beginning to glimpse a universe beyond his daily life:
  4. For him, film is a universe of phantoms and fantasy.
  5. This is not a universe of endless ammunition and unlimited supplies.
  6. It's difficult to find a universe in a sentence.
  7. Asian art is not a field; it is a universe.
  8. It is a universe preoccupied with spin, scandal and power.
  9. That results in a universe of 2, 200 domestic companies.
  10. Here is a universe in which God is just another celebrity.
  11. Nor does a universe of beauty and grandeur surround these voyagers.
  12. Teens eagerly lose themselves in a universe with no maps ."
  13. His art creates a universe that is complex without being melodramatic.
  14. Sports is a universe in which the audience knows the basic rules.
  15. It creates a universe that is a very exclusive club.
  16. We are in a universe of " subject positions,"
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