a universe from nothing in a sentence

  1. Besides the Lawrence Krauss'book ( A Universe From Nothing ), what other works enter into the question above?
  2. Furthermore, Krauss has formulated a model in which the universe could have potentially come from " nothing, " as outlined in his 2012 book " A Universe from Nothing ".
  3. :A Universe from Nothing can be an interesting reading here, if you want to speculate about " Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing . " talk ) 20 : 18, 8 July 2012 ( UTC)
  4. Krauss is the author of several bestselling books, including " The Physics of Star Trek " ( 1995 ) and " A Universe from Nothing " ( 2012 ), and chairs the " Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists"
  5. In his book " A Universe from Nothing : Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing ", cosmologist Lawrence Krauss has proposed how quantum mechanics can explain how space-time and matter can emerge from " nothing " ( referring to the quantum vacuum ).
  6. It's difficult to find a universe from nothing in a sentence.
  7. :: To be a little less terse, " A Universe from Nothing " refers to the quantum vacuum, which " is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting . . . particles that pop into and out of existence " ( due to the uncertainty principle ) for really, really short periods of time ( say on the order of Lindsay Lohan's attention span ).
  8. Another perspective on the matter from a scientific angle is the work of the physicist Lawrence Krauss, particularly his 2012 book " A Universe from Nothing ", in which he explores the idea of the universe having been derived from a quantum vacuum ( which may or may not be the same as a philosophical concept of the nothingness of the Void, depending on how it is defined ).
  9. In religious terms, this question is equivalent to'what made god .'However, your question would be much more useful if you instead ask " What could have existed before the big bang ? " Some possibilities include Absolutely Nothing ( See the lecture on youtube, " A Universe from Nothing " by Lawrence Krauss here ), and a previous universe that collapsed ( went though a Big Crunch ).
  10. ""'A Universe from Nothing : Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing " "'is a non-fiction book by the physicist Lawrence M . Krauss, initially published on January 10, 2012 by space itself-and which may one day return to nothing via processes that may not only be comprehensible but also processes that do not require any external control or direction . " This is Krauss's ninth non-fiction book.
  11. :People are confused about it, and some try to explain how could a A Universe from Nothing be created ., It might have a couple of good points, although neither physicists nor philosophers liked the book . ( I am not saying that philosophers have anything to say about it, in general, when philosophers talk about big topics like creation of the universe, consciousness, time, or neurology, they just appear to be mad drunken people ) . talk ) 22 : 12, 13 August 2016 ( UTC)
  12. While " The Four Horsemen " are arguably the foremost proponents of atheism, there are a number of other current, notable atheists including : Lawrence M . Krauss, ( physicist, cosmologist, and author of " A Universe from Nothing " ), Jerry Coyne ( biologist and author of " Why Evolution is True " and its complementary blog, which specifically includes polemics against topical religious issues ), Steven Pinker ( cognitive scientist, linguist, psychologist and author ), Aron Ra ( president of the Atheist Alliance of America ), Michel Onfray ( philosopher and author of " Atheist Manifesto : The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam " ), Rebecca Goldstein ( philosopher of science and author of " Thirty-Six Arguments for the Existence of God : A Work of Fiction " ), A . C . Grayling ( philosopher who has been called the " Fifth Horseman of New Atheism " ), Dan Barker ( former minister and atheist activist ), John W . Loftus ( former minister and author of books on philosophy of religion ), Greta Christina ( " Why are you Atheists so Angry ? " ), James Randi ( paranormal debunker and former David Silverman ( President of the American Atheists and author of " Fighting God : An Atheist Manifesto for a Religious World " ), Ibn Warraq ( " Why I Am Not a Muslim " ), Matt Dillahunty ( host of the Austin-based webcast and cable-access television show " The Atheist Experience " ), and Bill Maher ( writer and star of the 2008 documentary Religulous ).

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