a train in a sentence

  1. Somewhere in his head, the DB hears a train whistle.
  2. SilverCreek Zephyr Park will have youngsters skiing through a train tunnel.
  3. And to wonder why you didn't take a train.
  4. Another popular toy is a train made by Brio of Sweden.
  5. The 1995 New England football season has been a train wreck.
  6. It's difficult to find a train in a sentence.
  7. Will they take a bus, will they take a train.
  8. Others were evacuated by a train that had been rolled up.
  9. The tests are routine in every investigation of a train crash.
  10. Coach Al Mitchell equates it with a train slowly building steam.
  11. Today, you just might as well get on a train.
  12. It's very much like being hit by a train.
  13. You cannot buy a ticket for a train or a plane.
  14. We later learn that El Duce was killed by a train.
  15. Eating on a train retains some ceremony and plenty of quirkiness.
  16. Q : What's the record speed for a train?
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