a tragic love story in a sentence

"a tragic love story" in Chinese  
  1. It's a very heavy film _ a tragic love story ."
  2. Though rife with politics, " Bourbon at the Border " is foremost a tragic love story.
  3. Very few people were willing to see Charles as the hero of a tragic love story.
  4. One possibility is that the two were bound in " a tragic love story, " he said.
  5. The musical film, set in a village milieu, was a tragic love story involving Manju and Mohan.
  6. It's difficult to find a tragic love story in a sentence.
  7. Brown's novel depicts a tragic love story between siblings who fell in love without knowing they were related.
  8. "Okon Fuoko ", a tragic love story set in ancient Japan, illustrates the West's appetite for oriental themes.
  9. The story of M? Ch鈛 and Tr?ng Th?y is a tragic love story retold often in Vietnam's literature.
  10. A tragic love story set during the Cambodia's education, appearing as a topic for the 12th grade Khmer language examination several times.
  11. The book is a tragic love story about the doomed romance of an American GI and a 47-year-old widow on vacation in Greece.
  12. Isabella Rossellini plays his wife, Anna, in a tragic love story that doubles as history lesson . ( Premieres in September on HBO .)
  13. And ` Les Enfants Terribles'is a tragic love story about a brother and sister who tranform their world into a world of psychosis ."
  14. One of the short stories in the Gay Icon Classics collection is " Halo's Golden Circle ", a tragic love story set in ancient Judea.
  15. A tragic love story " The Three Sad Hills " ( music by Damdins黵en and Smirnoff ) became one of the most popular operas of Mongolia.
  16. The film was a tragic love story set in Central Asia during the civil war that broke out in the Soviet Union shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution.
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