a tragic legacy in a sentence

  1. To lose that support would be a tragic legacy of Tupac Shakur's short life.
  2. It is a tragic legacy indeed, touching the lives and livelihoods of people the world over.
  3. "A Tragic Legacy ", his second book, examines the presidency of George W . Bush.
  4. Decades later they would become known as the Downwinders-- cancer victims who became a tragic legacy of atmospheric testing.
  5. Financially broken, and mentally exhausted, Armstrong committed suicide in 1954, a tragic legacy to the Sarnoff story .)
  6. It's difficult to find a tragic legacy in a sentence.
  7. Other public health researchers who did not participate in the study said Agent Orange remains a tragic legacy of the war that cannot be ignored.
  8. "Samper leaves a tragic legacy, " said Enrique Parejo, a former justice minister who survived after a Medellin cartel hitman shot him five times in the head in 1987.
  9. "You have left us a tragic legacy with this pollution, " read a note that Mexican mining engineer Martin Sutti tried to hand the king during his last visit to Mexico in 1998.
  10. His third book, " Great American Hypocrites : Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics ", was published by Random House in April 2008, the same month that Three Rivers Press reissued " A Tragic Legacy " in paperback.
  11. The Random House synopsis for the book describes " A Tragic Legacy " as a " character study " of George W . Bush, " one of the most controversial men to hold the office of president " . " Salon . com " posted an online three-page excerpt from the book on June 20, 2007.

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