a tragedy of fashion in a sentence

  1. "To me it's a tragedy of fashion.
  2. The Ballet Rambert really kicked off its company performance with Ashton's " A Tragedy of Fashion " in 1926.
  3. David Vaughan comments that Ashton had wanted Poulenc to compose the score for his first ballet " A Tragedy of Fashion ", and seven years on " was fully in command of the resources that could enable him to realise such a work "-witty, sophisticated and of its time.
  4. It was Ashton's first choreographed work and it was for a 1926 revue staged by Nigel Playfair and Rambert's husband Ashley Dukes . " The Observer " commented : an engaging little ballet called'A Tragedy of Fashion : or The Scarlet Scissors'which Mr . Eugene Goossens has set most suitably to music.
  5. It's difficult to find a tragedy of fashion in a sentence.

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