a tragedy of error in a sentence

  1. But his presence was only part of a tragedy of errors.
  2. It was a tragedy of errors.
  3. "This was a tragedy of errors from start to finish, " she said.
  4. The shooting, played out on a hot summer street in East Oakland, is a tragedy of errors.
  5. The lawyer blamed his client's situation on " a tragedy of errors that has occurred ."
  6. It's difficult to find a tragedy of error in a sentence.
  7. About a year later, " A Tragedy of Error ", his first short story, was published.
  8. Movie fans have the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on its knees, apologizing for what a spokesman called " a tragedy of errors ."
  9. What started out as a tragedy of errors between two teams with a combined record of 1-7 turned out to be a wild finish that put the Tar Heels in the winner's circle for the first time this season.
  10. The Jan . 10 slaying, which remains under investigation, is a tragedy of errors, a morality play haunted by modern American goblins : the fear of sex offenders, the dangers of the drug war, the shattering of a quiet neighborhood by gunfire.
  11. McDavid, who conceded controlling interest in the club to Ross Perot Jr . when the deal was structured, is not particularly happy with the way things have been going or the rain of criticism that has been heaped on the Mavericks for a disconcerting series of moves that many construe as a tragedy of errors, including the spur-of-the-moment trade of franchise cornerstone Jason Kidd without even shopping him around the league.

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