a traditional christmas in a sentence

  1. _Pointer + Setter : Poinsetter, a traditional Christmas pet.
  2. Among holiday meals, there is a traditional Christmas Eve supper called Wigilia.
  3. My friend Bill Lewis, a college teacher, also celebrates a traditional Christmas.
  4. He burned oak branches, a traditional Christmas custom, before a midnight liturgy.
  5. Neighbouring Solihull council invited Birmingham residents desiring a traditional Christmas to go there instead.
  6. It's difficult to find a traditional christmas in a sentence.
  7. The meal is often comparable to a less grand version of a traditional Christmas dinner.
  8. Junkanoo or John Canoe is a traditional Christmas celebration in Jamaica, influenced by African ancestors.
  9. For some children in the eastern United States, Saltines are a traditional Christmas night treat.
  10. _Pointer and Setter, resulting in " Poinsetter, a traditional Christmas pet ."
  11. Since 2007, a traditional Christmas market is held for the first time in Sibiu, Romania.
  12. British troops held a traditional Christmas dinner in Sarajevo's Zetra stadium, next to sprawling cemeteries.
  13. In the arts, the Sanquhar Pantomime Group performs a traditional Christmas pantomime in aid of local charities.
  14. Retailers hope consumers forgo that vacation and stay home for a traditional Christmas that means buying lots of gifts.
  15. Guests may also place their bookings for the ever-popular roast stuffed turkey and a traditional Christmas item.
  16. At the moment, the picturesque square was crowded by thousands of people shopping at a traditional Christmas market there.
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