a trade magazine in a sentence

"a trade magazine" in Chinese  
  1. But recent publicity in newspapers and a trade magazine has worked magic.
  2. In 1994, she answered a trade magazine ad for an all-girl band.
  3. An associate publisher at a trade magazine said Huffy should score well.
  4. Wiesner and his partners launched " Satellite Communications " a trade magazine.
  5. Source 2 is a trade magazine with no specific treatment of subject.
  6. It's difficult to find a trade magazine in a sentence.
  7. Engineering News-Record ( ENR ) is a trade magazine for the construction industry.
  8. It was a small story on a middle page of a trade magazine.
  9. -- Jonathan Aurthur, a copy editor for a trade magazine in Los Angeles.
  10. This is a trade magazine for NDT, inspection, condition monitoring and quality practitioners.
  11. On a whim, Bellows started replying to job openings in a trade magazine.
  12. The delay was reported by Computer Reseller News, a trade magazine.
  13. Corestaff ranked 23rd last year, according to Staffing Industry Report, a trade magazine.
  14. The decision was reported first by Mediaweek . com, a trade magazine Web site.
  15. Rumbles about the sale began after a trade magazine item came out on Monday.
  16. Elliott Maras, editor of Automatic Merchandiser, a trade magazine, said.
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