a tracts in a sentence

"a tracts" in Chinese  
  1. As soon as we pay a toll, we hand them a tract,
  2. A tract from an Algerian rebel force was found in their hideout.
  3. They inspected and rejected a tract on the shores of Chautauqua Lake.
  4. Bushrod also left West Ford a tract of land in his will.
  5. Leyden formed part of a tract called the " Inman Triangle ."
  6. It's difficult to find a tracts in a sentence.
  7. A lease gives the buyer the right to drill on a tract.
  8. A tract from an Algerian rebel force was found in the hideout.
  9. The Wolfskill ranch owners east of Sepulveda Boulevard, donated a tract of.
  10. A man was driving, and he had a tract in his hand.
  11. In the central nervous system, the analogous structures are known as tracts.
  12. George Herrold had a tract of land on the creek in 1765.
  13. Between the Berrylands and Malden works lay a tract of derelict land.
  14. A tract of nearby mountain land provides an environmental " classroom ".
  15. The family sold a tract of land to pay for his passage.
  16. Robison visited Kansas in 1879 and purchased a tract of land in Towanda.
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