a traction in a sentence

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  1. The buggy is powered by a traction kite, controlled by the pilot.
  2. "' Fratton Traincare Depot "'is a traction maintenance depot in Portsmouth, Hampshire.
  3. Intercity Depot is a Traction Maintenance Depot located in Edge Hill station.
  4. "' Dundee TMD "'is a Traction Maintenance Depot located in Dundee, Scotland.
  5. Unlike the ST1100, the ST1300 does not include a traction control system.
  6. It's difficult to find a traction in a sentence.
  7. "' Bounds Green TMD "'is a traction maintenance depot situated in North London.
  8. A traction inspector's duties include assisting the driver with the sighting of signals.
  9. "' Knottingley TMD "'is a Traction Maintenance Depot located in Knottingley, Leeds England.
  10. Steering response has been improved, and a traction control system has been added.
  11. This replaced the separate wheels and axle of a traction engine.
  12. Many vehicles have a traction control shut-off switch for such circumstances.
  13. The absence of decent roads made its use as a traction engine unsatisfactory.
  14. If there's minor slippage up there, a traction-control system adjusts wheel-to-wheel.
  15. Each cab'nose'contained a traction motor cooling fan, and an air compressor.
  16. Anti-lock, four-wheel disc brakes and a traction-control system are standard.
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