a track in a sentence

"a track" in Chinese  
  1. In an area where we are, a track can survive.
  2. "He's not a track ( superintendent ).
  3. Some relish a track like this, some struggle with it.
  4. Everybody has his own philosophy of how to run a track,
  5. OnBancorp has a track record of rewarding shareholders, Berger said.
  6. It's difficult to find a track in a sentence.
  7. You have to love to run or be a track enthusiast.
  8. Strong opposition to a track was building among people in Gardner.
  9. Short track : A track less than 1 mile in length.
  10. And he's got a heck of a track record.
  11. And everyone who owns a track wants a Winston Cup date.
  12. For a track guy, he catches the football very naturally.
  13. Matthews would climb fences to practice on a track in Brooklyn.
  14. Carrying 130 ( pounds ) and still setting a track record.
  15. He set a track record last month while carrying 130 pounds.
  16. Republicans have a track record of not learning from past mistakes.
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