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  1. One TC establishing contacts with a myocyte by a Tp of about 65 mm long.
  2. For qLPV modelling and control applications a higher structure of TP functions are referred to as TP model.
  3. Black arrow points the junction between a Tp and a smooth muscle cell ( SMC, colored in brown ).
  4. Subjects participated in a TP-DG during the scan as either a second party recipient or a third party observer.
  5. A TP must guarantee ( via certification ) that it transforms all possible values of a UDI to a  safe CDI.
  6. It's difficult to find a tp in a sentence.
  7. Also on display is a TP-82 Russian triple-barreled survival pistol which was gifted to him by Alexey Leonov.
  8. Corac Group plc was renamed as TP Group plc in 2015 and Hunt Themal Technologies has since been renamed as TPG Engineering.
  9. The men of A Tp were kept together as a troop in 413 LAA Bty, but the rest were split up.
  10. "' Southwark Towers "'was a TP Bennett architects, overlooking London Bridge station, in Southwark, London.
  11. The group was awarded a TP de Oro, a prestigious Spanish television award, for " most popular personality " in 1974.
  12. I wrapped my ill-shod feet behind the stool legs as inconspicuously as possible and hoped I wasn't leaving a TP trail.
  13. However, as TP points out, the anon is almost without a doubt a sock of H, who has thus broken 3RR too.
  14. During a match with TP Mazembe in 2011, 14 people were killed during a stampede after spectators invaded the pitch as TP Mazembe equalized the score.
  15. An SMS-SUBMIT TPDU may contain a TP-VP parameter which limits the time period for which the SMSC would attempt to deliver the message.
  16. I want to link a Wikimedia Commons image to a TP entry, but can't find information on how to cross-link the various WP platforms.
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