a toy story in a sentence

  1. "I'm confident we can make as much money as Toy Story,"
  2. Other airings of Elf gained 2.1M, 1.8M, and 2.0M . A Toy Story marathon on December 10th gained 1.3M, 1.5m, and 1.4m.
  3. Several Wall Street analysts forecast " A Bug's Life " will come close to the $ 192 million domestic gross taken in by " A Toy Story " _ the first Disney-Pixar project _ three years ago.
  4. In 2013, Brown directed his first film " Charlie : A Toy Story "; centering on a ten-year-old boy and his golden retriever and their mission to stop town bullies from destroying his dad's toy shop.
  5. Considering the capabilities of the GameBoy _ or rather the lack thereof _ these are not so much Disney characters zipping about the itty-bitty screen as chunky, color-coded icons vaguely recognizable as Toy Story characters simply because it says so on the box.
  6. It's difficult to find a toy story in a sentence.
  7. As will Winnie the Pooh, some characters from " A Toy Story, " a host of Pac Man and air-hockey machines, five large-screen televisions, gift bags for the children, and an open bar and lavish spread for the adults.

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