a stream of in a sentence

"a stream of" in Chinese  
  1. Executive recruiters reported getting a stream of resumes from Lotus on Tuesday.
  2. Thoroughly rinse turkey inside and out under a stream of running water.
  3. The victory for CNN is an island in a stream of losses.
  4. A stream of parents came up to thank Thomas for the message.
  5. Even dissidents have had a stream of journalists trooping through their homes.
  6. It's difficult to find a stream of in a sentence.
  7. Aristide opened the once forbidding white palace to a stream of constituents.
  8. They had to endure a stream of uproarious and arduous negotiating sessions.
  9. And records suggest that visibility was buttressed by a stream of cash.
  10. The man blew a stream of smoke toward the ceiling and laughed.
  11. Then he could let it all go in a stream of tears.
  12. They just kept pounding his head with a stream of telepathic messages.
  13. Many female moths attract mates by emitting a stream of appropriate chemicals.
  14. A stream of executives hired under Nasser have since left the company.
  15. A traditional cigarette constantly yields a stream of smoke and ash.
  16. A stream of new medications has lowered mortality and treatment costs.
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