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  1. It went public in August 1993 at $ 19 a share.
  2. Pacificare class A shares fell $ 1, to $ 51.
  3. The transaction is valued at $ 43.08 a share.
  4. Wall Street had expected Cisco to earn 35 cents a share.
  5. The company lost 36 cents a share in the third quarter.
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  7. The company went public last July at 10 dlrs a share.
  8. It is a shared affection borne of reliability, not romance.
  9. But that would eliminate a shared public grievance difficult to replace.
  10. Amgen will pay $ 9.25 a share for Synergen.
  11. And it could lose a share in the very competitive business.
  12. The company went public in March at $ 12 a share.
  13. One tie that may still bind is a shared financial loss.
  14. It does not deserve to be at $ 6 a share.
  15. Analysts had been expecting earnings of about 35 cents a share.
  16. Say that you buy XYZ stock at $ 8 a share.
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