a radio in a sentence

"a radio" in Chinese  
  1. RPR general secretary Nicolas Sarkozy asked in a radio interview Monday.
  2. Spacey house guest Kato Kaelin was given a radio talk show.
  3. Clinton said on Monday in a radio interview with Hispanic reporters.
  4. One of the last pieces of equipment issued is a radio.
  5. Major told the British Broadcasting Corp . in a radio interview.
  6. It's difficult to find a radio in a sentence.
  7. Stockholm police commissioner Carin Goetblad said in a radio interview Tuesday.
  8. I had just heard a radio program on the very topic.
  9. We had a radio nearly my height in the living room.
  10. The transmitter emits a radio signal but does not work underwater.
  11. Jones told the British Broadcasting Corp . in a radio interview.
  12. He later played in a radio station band in Los Angeles.
  13. President Clinton said so in a radio address on May 27.
  14. He intends to deliver a radio address in Spanish every week.
  15. The adult Ellie ( Jodie Foster ) becomes a radio astronomer.
  16. My stereo comprises a CD and tape players and a radio.
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