a radio ham in a sentence

"a radio ham" in Chinese  
  1. :: : Here is a Radio Ham thingy on brakthrough.
  2. My father is a radio ham.
  3. Lambert became a radio ham and at the start of World War I he volunteered to work at a coastguard station in Norfolk which was a centre for intercepting German radio transmissions.
  4. But the senator, a skilled aviator and a radio ham, told the pilots to go for it, even though at the time a 727 had never crossed the continent in one hop.
  5. Launched in September 2016, the audio podcast drama series Akiha Den Den http : / / www . akihadenden . com features him in the leading role of Cuttings, a radio ham in a remote part of Scotland who picks up a mysterious voice ( Joy McAvoy ) coming from an abandoned amusement park.
  6. It's difficult to find a radio ham in a sentence.

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