a racket in a sentence

"a racket" in Chinese  
  1. The situation underscores just how tough a racket pro golf is.
  2. That wretchedness you see, it's a racket ."
  3. Then they make such a racket that a German patrol arrives.
  4. Even so, be skeptical, because medicine is a racket.
  5. Samuel and Randy made a racket as they spun around the grass.
  6. It's difficult to find a racket in a sentence.
  7. The fastest is hailie, a racket sport from Spain and Mexico.
  8. They rolled balls to me when I could hardly hold a racket.
  9. Silk flags fluttered everywhere, everywhere there was a racket of bullhorns.
  10. But now she would like to travel without a racket in hand.
  11. They shake and make a racket when I walk on the floor.
  12. Wow, that is a racket and a half the NFL has.
  13. She was a good player before I even picked up a racket.
  14. Williams, seldom prone to temper tantrums, even smashed a racket.
  15. It is still painful for me to hold a racket,
  16. Once inside, average fan Joe Bloke raised a racket.
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