a rack of lamb in a sentence

"a rack of lamb" in Chinese  
  1. The main course was a rack of lamb with apricot cardamom chutney.
  2. You can use a lamb shank instead of a rack of lamb.
  3. You can simply put a rack of lamb in the oven and cut it into chops.
  4. Q : What constitutes a rack of lamb when listed on a menu in a restaurant?
  5. He says if you can cook a rack of lamb, you can cook a rack of venison.
  6. It's difficult to find a rack of lamb in a sentence.
  7. Garlic and rosemary, for example, are all that a rack of lamb needs to be truly outstanding.
  8. So when company's coming, rub a rack of lamb with coarse mustard and rosemary and roast.
  9. Klein's food takes more time and effort than stirring a risotto or roasting a rack of lamb.
  10. As for the entr閑 one can get salmon, filet mignon, pork chop, a rack of lambs.
  11. The ideal cut is what you might call the eye of the rib, a rack of lamb without the bones.
  12. The Pushtee Kabab is a rack of lamb marinated in a puree of onion, sun-dried grapes and garlic.
  13. In it, he shows how to bone a fish through its back and trim and prepare a rack of lamb French style.
  14. A recent menu paired a rack of lamb from the herd with homemade lamb sausage on a bed of rape and garlic mashed potatoes.
  15. Virginia and Sara ( shutting out Maribel ) came up with exotic ideas for the red team including sashimi and a rack of lamb.
  16. One day the ( fresh ) fish wasn't too good, so we offered a New York strip and a rack of lamb.
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