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  1. Ariki " "'is a racing yacht which was built in Auckland, New Zealand in 1904 by Logan Brothers.
  2. Willis said an umpire stationed onboard a race yacht was positioned to make vital calls, determining when one boat overlapped another.
  3. ""'Excalibur " "'was a racing yacht based in Melbourne, Victoria, at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron and owned by Alan Saunders.
  4. In spite of this, the Stephens'father ordered a design for a racing yacht from the young firm  a yacht named " Dorade ".
  5. ""'Shamrock " "'was a racing yacht built in 1898 that was the unsuccessful Irish challenger for the 1899 America's Cup against the United States defender, " Columbia ".
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  7. However, unlike the Star, Johnson created a racing yacht that was much less costly to build and could be easily sailed in the shallow tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay.
  8. American naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews called the fin whale " the greyhound of the sea . . . for its beautiful, slender body is built like a racing yacht and the animal can surpass the speed of the fastest ocean steamship ."

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