a race of in a sentence

"a race of" in Chinese  
  1. But Eileen Nelson was, starting a race of her own.
  2. This is a race of redemption for both of my horses.
  3. Epic tale about the Minnipins, a race of tiny people.
  4. That's normal procedure in a race of this type.
  5. "It's a race of survival,"
  6. It's difficult to find a race of in a sentence.
  7. Goddard called this generation " a race of defective degenerates ".
  8. We are, in a sense, a race of cyborgs.
  9. The Cloud Men are a race of ghost-like creatures.
  10. This was a race of minutes for the lucky few.
  11. The race also figures to be something of a race of attrition.
  12. "A Race of Her Own, " agrees Time.
  13. One race of 20 kilometers, then a race of two kilometers.
  14. But Melissa Bean is definitely making a race of it.
  15. The weather turned the downhill into a race of tactics.
  16. They were a race of cold blood and long memories.
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