a rabbit in a sentence

"a rabbit" in Chinese  
  1. Have you ever rubbed a rabbit's foot for luck?
  2. Renee Han worked to turn a plastic cup into a rabbit.
  3. But a rabbit by any other name is still a rabbit.
  4. But a rabbit by any other name is still a rabbit.
  5. And almost everywhere you look hides a rabbit's tail.
  6. It's difficult to find a rabbit in a sentence.
  7. Some children point to a rabbit icon on the screen instead.
  8. Phyllis Cartwright would later claim she swerved to miss a rabbit.
  9. Mauricio also saw a rabbit burrow disappearing under a nearby rock.
  10. A rabbit's foot nestles in a miniature baseball glove.
  11. Coursing through this Aboriginal community is a rabbit-proof fence.
  12. So will pulling a rabbit of a win from your helmet.
  13. Now and then, a rabbit would cross her path ."
  14. I managed to scurry up a nearby hill like a rabbit,
  15. There's also a rabbit collection named for each brother.
  16. Even a rabbit bites when it is taken by the ears.
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