a r in a sentence

"a r" in Chinese  
  1. Others such as R . H . Morrison derided " Jindyworobackwardness ".
  2. Mr . A R Rahman has done the score for this Documentary.
  3. So things such as R and D tax credits are very important.
  4. That alone raises serious concerns of it being a RS in general.
  5. Ref8 . A RS but has the problem of Ref . 7.
  6. It's difficult to find a r in a sentence.
  7. Kuvale is moved to zone R . 10 as R . 101.
  8. He also replaced Goodwin as RS bureau chief from 1975 to 1977.
  9. Jugran himself needs somebody to pull a Rs . 100 crore heist.
  10. G-rated movies gross, on average, three times as much as R-rated ones.
  11. The species found on Zinghmuh mountain is known as R . Forrestii.
  12. Given a RS made the connection WP : SYNTH cannot apply here.
  13. It was reported that last Friday, a UPM freshie identified as R.
  14. Now, as rs to delete a Gospel quotation that historically has fomented anti-Semitism.
  15. What on earth makes anyone think they are not a RS?
  16. As r gets very high, there are oscillations and deterministic chaos.
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