a quote in a sentence

  1. The first step is to ask other firms for a quote.
  2. Wu said, as quoted by the South China Morning Post.
  3. Woessner said, as quoted by the weekly Welt am Sonntag.
  4. He gave me a quote of $ 875, plus stain.
  5. A quote I'll certainly pass along to Charles T.
  6. It's difficult to find a quote in a sentence.
  7. I'll say, borrowing a quote from Lawyer Milloy.
  8. One gave her a quote of $ 95 for a haircut.
  9. Volkswagen officials said in their letter, as quoted by Huan.
  10. Deputy House Speaker Syarwan Hamid said as quoted by Antara yesterday.
  11. I read a quote somewhere that said playing good breeds confidence,
  12. Chirac said, as quoted by his spokeswoman, Catherine Colonna.
  13. The album title is based on a quote from Berry Gordy.
  14. On alternative medicine he repeately removed a quote by Richard Dawkins.
  15. I am looking for a quote from Martin to confirm this.
  16. SlimVirgin here completely fabricated a quote that I never said .)
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