a quotation in a sentence

  1. Someone had highlighted a quotation in the article in yellow ink.
  2. So italics shouldn't be used to indicate a quotation.
  3. A quotation from John Ruskin formed the Roycroft " creed ":
  4. The movie closes on a quotation from the Bhagavad-Gita:
  5. The plaque has a quotation by Reed on his native city:
  6. It's difficult to find a quotation in a sentence.
  7. SlimVirgin not only misquoted me, but completely fabricated a quotation.
  8. I'd like to submit a quotation by David Rockefeller.
  9. However, in some circumstances a quotation will be an offer.
  10. It is a quotation, and it should certainly be sourced.
  11. Orwell brings in a quotation from Ecclesiastes ( vii 15 ).
  12. Moreover, each movement is prefaced by a quotation from Baudelaire.
  13. Citing a quotation doesn't make it valid, he argues.
  14. A quotation from the pope was carved into the wall.
  15. Charles Barkley is, as expected, a quotation machine.
  16. Q : There is a quotation I thought was from Winston Churchill.
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