a quotation mark in a sentence

  1. Lydian uniquely features a quotation mark in the shape of a right triangle.
  2. If the input is a name, a quotation mark must precede it.
  3. Especially in King James Bibles, this format can be useful, as quotation marks are not used.
  4. For example, you could assign " Ctrl-Alt-Q " to insert a quotation mark.
  5. It looks like a quotation mark, or maybe a German umlaut, but its function is very different.
  6. It's difficult to find a quotation mark in a sentence.
  7. In the Inform programming language, the tilde is used to indicate a quotation mark inside a quoted string.
  8. Start by stripping every single gushing superlative from your draft . Do not put quotations in italics, as quotation marks are sufficient.
  9. The section you linked to was named with a quotation mark (  ) instead of a standard apostrophe, which is what you used in your link.
  10. A quotation mark can mean either " ` This is exactly what was said,'or ` Can you imagine saying or believing this ? "'
  11. It is unclear now what those marks looked like, for the draft copy that went to Dunlap was lost, but the printers represented them as quotation marks.
  12. Those two bits of type, according to Algeo and Pyles's history of English, were half-size, while a quotation mark was a full size block.
  13. If one of these Senators also served multiple non-consecutive terms with the same party, a quotation mark indicates that their affiliation did not change between that term and their preceding term.
  14. There's not a quotation mark in the entire novel, and it takes some time before the reader can distinguish who's saying what, but it's worth the effort.
  15. Many authors of otherwise estimable works have been far less exacting, but as Frankel remarks in the end note, " For a journalist, a quotation mark must be sacrosanct ."
  16. If using a left or right quotation mark for such a purpose, to ensure proper display on all browsers, do not type or paste such a quotation mark directly into the Wikipedia editor.
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