a quorum in a sentence

  1. We must make a quorum of men and hold a service.
  2. Now it's doubtful a quorum can be mustered inside.
  3. At its December meeting, it could not raise a quorum.
  4. "There was a quorum, " he said.
  5. The parliamentary session was uncertain because it may lack a quorum.
  6. It's difficult to find a quorum in a sentence.
  7. Under OAU rules, a quorum of eight leaders was needed.
  8. This house will now be postponed until we have a quorum.
  9. Gazprom canceled the meeting, citing the absence of a quorum.
  10. A Quorum of Twelve Apostles of that organization was also ordained.
  11. The session was cut short because the House lacked a quorum.
  12. At least three justices of the Supreme Court form a quorum.
  13. They were 16 in all, a quorum of torment and ruination.
  14. Back then, half of the membership constituted a quorum.
  15. The meeting will be interrupted to announce whether a quorum is reached.
  16. Only 191 members were present, short of a quorum.
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