a quo in a sentence

"a quo" in Chinese  
  1. The decision of the court " a quo " was therefore confirmed.
  2. Nuala's son was David Burke ( a quo Mac David Burke ).
  3. In court a quo, both respondents were found to be liable, jointly and severally.
  4. F韆tach Find ( a quo D醠 F韆tach ) m.
  5. For bribery, you needed a quid and a quo.
  6. It's difficult to find a quo in a sentence.
  7. When he arrived at Le Mans, his " terminus a quo " was probably Lausanne.
  8. Forgo a quo D醠 Fiatach r?h-蓃enn . iii . co torchair la Fiachaich Fidfholaid m.
  9. According to Cudworth, the texts must be viewed as a terminus ad quem and not a quo.
  10. The court " a quo " therefore had quite correctly refused to make an order against Ajax.
  11. The SCA held, accordingly, that the court " a quo " had erred in holding the first appellant liable.
  12. The absence of prejudice to the appellant was a factor which the court " a quo " correctly took into account.
  13. According to Cudworth, the texts must be viewed as a " terminus ad quem " and not " a quo ".
  14. It was probably written in Sardinia, during the Byzantine occupation, and therefore after 534 ( " terminus a quo " ).
  15. Not made accountable by the Boston bench _ again, not every quid gets a quo _ this time he may shoot lower.
  16. The court " a quo "'s finding in this case had already come under some criticism before it was heard on appeal.
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