a quite in a sentence

  1. It makes them laughable, it diminishes a quite splendid season.
  2. This is a quite an accomplishment for this day and age.
  3. And there is a quite a large discrepancy with the truth.
  4. In some way, it could be described as quite silly.
  5. It came as quite a shock and a surprise to me,
  6. It's difficult to find a quite in a sentence.
  7. That, in a sense, is a quite predictable problem.
  8. The sale can be seen as quite a loss for Walker.
  9. Vajpayee's invitation last May came as quite a surprise.
  10. It bothered me for a quite a long time after that.
  11. This is something I would like to reject as quite ridiculous.
  12. "It's a quite extraordinary result,"
  13. "That's a quite romantic view,"
  14. The Noun + Verb complex predicates are a quite different matter.
  15. Still, looks like a quite good FA material to me.
  16. All three games are characterized by a quite innovative inventory system.
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