a quit in a sentence

  1. He had a quit wit and loved to tell jokes,
  2. When his talk radio station waged a quit smoking campaign, he joined.
  3. "I have a quit-smoking date, " she said.
  4. They received a quit claim to their property, but the Province retained the title.
  5. This imposed a ceiling on how much could be demanded in payment of a quit rent.
  6. It's difficult to find a quit in a sentence.
  7. Below is a python program that brings up a quit button that does what it says.
  8. Ireland had purchased a quit claim deed to the property from the Abrego family in 1859.
  9. Zyban and the patch together worked best of all, with a quit rate of 58 percent.
  10. Revels contended she was given a quit-or-be-fired ultimatum by pageant officials.
  11. A quit rate of 53 % at four weeks fell to only 15 % at 1 year.
  12. The borough paid the Proprietors $ 25, 000 in exchange for a quit-claim from the investors.
  13. "This is really a quit-it-all vacation, " he said, laughing.
  14. The Chicago Park District took ownership of the land at DuSable Park in 1988 via a quit claim deed.
  15. "' Quit detection "' An SMTP connection should always be closed with a QUIT command.
  16. The projects revitalised again in September 1998, when the Forest Department was issued a quit notice by private developers.
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