a quinta in a sentence

  1. The band was established in early 2007 as Quinta Enmienda.
  2. A Quinta do Noval from 1970, another fine vintage, sells for about $ 80.
  3. Pinto Basto also represents the Penha da Franca, a quinta within easy walking distance of downtown Funchal, according to Margaret McGlade, the agency's manager.
  4. A quinta's rating will dictate the permitted production level of the vineyard and what price the grower can receive for the wine they produce from the grapes.
  5. As Quinta de Lordelo, in one of the expansion areas of the city, it had featured in the topographical map of Porto by Telles Ferreira ( 1892 ).
  6. It's difficult to find a quinta in a sentence.
  7. This time, the show will also have another housemates from another reality shows like, " Love On Top " and " A Quinta ".
  8. A quinta that is growing grapes for both Port and table wines, can do whatever they like with the grapes destined for table wine production regardless of its classification rating.
  9. On November 5, a tropical disturbance formed in the Philippine Sea to the northeast of PAGASA designated the disturbance as a Tropical Depression and named it as Quinta, whilst the JTWC still monitored it as a disturbance.
  10. It is played by a trio of musicians : one playing a small, five-string rhythm guitar called a jarana huasteca, one on an eight-string bass guitar called a quinta huapanguera and another playing a violin.
  11. "' The Fifth Dimension of Sex "'( original title : " A 5?Dimens鉶 do Sexo ", " A Quinta Dimens鉶 Do Sexo " ) is a 1984 Brazilian exploitation film directed by Brazilian filmmaker Jos?Mojica Marins.
  12. The Museum of the Mexican Revolution, also known as Quinta Luz for one of Villa's widows, displays the bullet-riddled Dodge touring car in which he and some of his top aides were riding when they were ambushed and shot to death on July 20, 1923.
  13. Consequently, he intended to return to England, but since there existed the possibility of raising money to start a school and since a lady in Quilmes owned a property known as Quinta Rooke which she wished to lease or sell, Canon Stevenson approached the Bishop's Council for permission.
  14. As a consequence, by the 18th century, the municipality became a aristocratic retreat for the nobility in nearby Lisbon, resulting in the construction several vacation properties or villas, such as Quinta da Fidalga, Quinta do Alamo, Quinta da Trindade, Quinta de S鉶 Pedro and Quinta de Cheiraventos.
  15. ""'A Quinta : O Desafio " "'( English : " The Farm : The Challenge " ) is the first season of the all-stars format and the fourth overall of the NOS, where is broadcast the nominations show at Tuesdays.
  16. Other styles of traditional regional music in M閤ico : Huapango or Son Huasteco ( Huasteca, northeastern regions, violin and two guitars known as quinta huapanguera and jarana ), Tambora ( Sinaloa, mainly brass instruments ) Duranguense, Jarana ( most of the Yucat醤 peninsula ) and Norte馻 ( North style, redoba and accordion ).
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