a quiet word in a sentence

  1. He heals with a gentle touch and a quiet word.
  2. After Tommy is arrested, Cottan has a quiet word with him.
  3. And a quiet word with Filiocht 16 : 38, Jan 12, 2005 ( UTC)
  4. I had a feeling it might happen when Trevor ( Hohns ) wanted to have a quiet word.
  5. @Everyone : The'means necessary'could be as simple as a quiet word, or whatever.
  6. It's difficult to find a quiet word in a sentence.
  7. This is a long-term pattern from and it might benefit from a quiet word with a cluemop.
  8. The match referee has been forced to have a quiet word with players from either team during all three tests.
  9. At a celebration after the competition, Dorati, who was one of the judges, had a quiet word with DePriest.
  10. This was a very public message from the throne, not a quiet word from a worried mother-in-law.
  11. Okay, since people want a quiet word with me, let me explain the mess you've been dragged into.
  12. His uncle has a quiet word with Rohan in the night, it is implied that it is regarding Arjun's fate.
  13. Could an uninvolved admin possibly take a look at Wikipedia : Articles for deletion / JWASM and maybe have a quiet word with Hutch48.
  14. Could someone perhaps have a quiet word, as I don't believe this is the way editors should be going about things.
  15. A complaint was lodged by the Sri Lankans because of something that was said and we had a quiet word with Darren and his manager.
  16. Observing that the Americans had started choosing wrong clubs for the wind, local expert Parry started having a quiet word into Maruyama's ear.
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