a quiet storm in a sentence

  1. Rice's pro career has been a quiet storm.
  2. Uptown / MCA produced his 1990 debut album " A Quiet Storm ".
  3. His cover version features a quiet storm sound and heavy use of multi-tracking for vocals.
  4. Gaye's later recordings influenced several contemporary R & B subgenres, such as quiet storm and neo soul.
  5. It was later recorded by the song's composer, Smokey Robinson, and appeared on his landmark solo album " A Quiet Storm ".
  6. It's difficult to find a quiet storm in a sentence.
  7. Fellow Fred Smith and Michael Jacobsen ( since A Quiet Storm  1975 ), and Sonny Burke ( since Smokey's Family Robinson  1976 ).
  8. After leaving The Miracles in 1972, he broke new musical ground with the romantic, pillow-talking " A Quiet Storm " ( 1975 ).
  9. Henderson remarks that " the laid-back title song which Vandross sang on became a quiet storm favorite and demonstrates that not everything Change recorded was aimed at the dancefloor.
  10. Built under a quiet storm-like R & B production similar to White's, the song hit the charts peaking at number 46 on the " Billboard"
  11. "Go Missin'" contains similar characteristics to " Climax "; it is a quiet storm music critics, who praised Diplo's production and Usher's vocals.
  12. And there's a divinely photographed and edited number ( " I Pity the Fool " ) between guitarist Robert Cray and the virtuosic belter Shemekia Copeland that kicks up a quiet storm.
  13. "There's been a quiet storm about this, and most indicators are that the worst isn't over, " said David Hamilton, an analyst at Moody's risk-management services.
  14. He would get his well deserved moment a couple of years later with his influential 1975 album " A Quiet Storm ", which gave its name to the radio format and R & B subgenre " quiet storm ".
  15. "I call him a quiet storm, " says Raynard Jackson ( no relation ), chairman for Americans for a Brighter Future, a Washington-based political action committee trying to get more minorities involved in the Republican Party.
  16. Top-notch studio musicians helped build a bridge between Henry's quirky vision ( and voice ) and the kind of smooth pop that permeates the atmosphere, creating a portrait of one man's inner life as a quiet storm.
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