a pigeon in a sentence

"a pigeon" in Chinese  
  1. This practice of loft flying and tossing continues throughout a pigeon's career.
  2. The appearance of a pigeon perched atop the scoreboard made her laugh.
  3. From a distance, it can be confused with a pigeon or chough.
  4. This game mode involves two opposing teams attempting to capture a pigeon.
  5. Only a tower converted into a pigeon loft has been saved intact.
  6. It's difficult to find a pigeon in a sentence.
  7. Lyrebirds are often seen as well as pigeons and occasional wild turkeys.
  8. After the football season, the crunching fullback became a pigeon-toed track sprinter.
  9. Another variant of advanced fee fraud is known as a pigeon drop.
  10. A pigeon used in one of his psychology experiments died, Mankoff recalled.
  11. As an example he mimics a pigeon, running around the room.
  12. The aforementioned work incorporates a pigeon trapping device designed by Charri鑢e and Bismarck.
  13. In the third test, Paulie challenges Mouse to kill a pigeon.
  14. We had the skeleton of a pigeon hanging in the tree.
  15. Frugivorous birds such as pigeons, figbirds and parrots consume its fruit.
  16. Nearby, a grinning Bugs acts like a pigeon while standing on a stool.
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