a ociated in a sentence

"a ociated" in Chinese  
  1. 1960 chromosome a ormality a ociated with leukemias
  2. This company is a ociated with an east - coast organized syndicate
  3. This plant a ociated with his name is garlic and the color is yellow
  4. 602 i ' m clifton , and i ' ve been a ociated with this project since the begi ing
  5. Regan told the a ociated pre she co iders the book o . j . sim on ' s confe ion
  6. It's difficult to find a ociated in a sentence.
  7. Slee a ea , a extreme form of oring , i a ociated with higher heart disease risk
  8. Palestinian gunmen in gaza have kidna ed a anish photographer working for the a ociated pre
  9. Because its leaves remain green long after being picked , rosemary became a ociated with the idea of remembrance
  10. The animal a ociated with anthony is the marabou , which is a large african stork which scavenges for food
  11. I think it is perha the case that some people a ociated with the company have only recently come to realize this
  12. Iraqi police in the northern town of mosul say gunmen have killed a cameraman working for the a ociated pre
  13. Preliminary auto ies on the dead children sunday a ear to show they were drowned , ace hart , a deputy st . clair county coroner , told the a ociated pre
  14. A variable is a storage location and has an a ociated type , sometimes called its compile - time type , that is either a primitive type ( 4 . 2 ) or a reference type ( 4 . 3 )
  15. People who were ha y before getting married and end up in a marriage plagued by conflict and qualities a ociated with a depre ed ouse - - might be better off single
  16. The reduced - calorie diet was also a ociated with increased longevity of a protein known as sirt1 , which influences a variety of functio , including age - related diseases
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