a nearby bush in a sentence

  1. Robbie and Georgia catch up and Robbie fetches Angus from a nearby bush.
  2. The dog strains on his leash in the direction of a nearby bush.
  3. A blue jacket worn by one of the victims hung from a nearby bush.
  4. He fell to the ground, writhing in pain, and crawled to a nearby bush.
  5. A second helicopter fired a another missile which landed in a nearby bush, starting a fire.
  6. It's difficult to find a nearby bush in a sentence.
  7. She had gone into a nearby bush and soon gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
  8. I used my last bit of strength to drag her under the shade of a nearby bush.
  9. She placed him under a nearby bush, the newspaper reported, and then repeated the process with the other two.
  10. Police said the man told them where to find his pistol, which he had thrown in a nearby bush.
  11. While Valentine reports the deaths via radio, Santino hears bizarre sounds coming from a nearby bush and goes to investigate.
  12. When he came strutting home she was waiting for him, wielding a thin branch she'd snapped from a nearby bush.
  13. He said he crawled to a nearby bush, writhing in pain and wondering why a " policeman " had shot at him.
  14. An attempt to ambush Jacques lets them to a nearby bush, where the gang members beat themselves up while Jacques walks away.
  15. Eddy and Double D then jump out from behind a nearby bush and capture Jonny, accusing him of being the serial toucher.
  16. Eventually the crisis lessens and the bruised bird somehow pulls itself together and makes its wobbly way to the safety of a nearby bush.
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