a love story in a sentence

"a love story" in Chinese  
  1. To do a love story that has moved me would be fantastic.
  2. The marriage of Salvatore DiMasi and Deborah Marchal is a love story.
  3. Debra Freer . ( Scribner, $ 18 . ) A love story
  4. Bob Costes has written a love story couched in a history lesson.
  5. The way these people meet is not conducive to a love story.
  6. It's difficult to find a love story in a sentence.
  7. It has everything a reader could ask for in a love story.
  8. It ( italics ) is ( end italics ) a love story,
  9. According to Josephus, there was a love story behind the construction.
  10. DRINKING : A Love Story, by Caroline Knapp . ( Delta,
  11. This is not a love story, but a story about love,
  12. The lyrics present a love story setting between the two lovers.
  13. It is based on a love story of revenge and murder.
  14. She has implored him for years to make a love story.
  15. The main plot is a love story between two young men.
  16. But the novel is not limited to only a love story.
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