a love poem in a sentence

"a love poem" in Chinese  
  1. out of a love poem that you used to know by heart.
  2. Howard notes a love poem written for Mead by fellow anthropologist Ruth Benedict.
  3. She also wrote a love poem for Hays entitled, " A Retrospect ."
  4. But a graveyard for the beloved and a love poem that I lost.
  5. He gives her his photo, the back of which has a love poem.
  6. It's difficult to find a love poem in a sentence.
  7. They want to experience her songs as love poems of today.
  8. A young man asked them to fax him a copy of a love poem.
  9. "If you're in love, you can make a love poem,"
  10. A love poem by Pablo Neruda is recited in Spanish.
  11. You might not expect a love poem every year between a long married couple.
  12. Everybody has it in them to write a love poem,
  13. It is a love poem, extolling the beauty and lost love of an unknown maiden.
  14. It reads like a love poem gone askew.
  15. Don Quichotte is composing a love poem.
  16. While there, he also meets a poet named William Shakespeare, who composes a love poem for Juliette.
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