a love of language in a sentence

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  1. I feel freer than British, more visceral, with a love of language.
  2. She remembers sharing a love of language and books with her father.
  3. What she inherited was a love of language and foreign lands.
  4. But he did take from his childhood a love of language.
  5. He developed a love of languages, including Greek, Latin, Arabic.
  6. It's difficult to find a love of language in a sentence.
  7. Two is the age when language comes, and Clara has a love of language.
  8. In her silent childhood, she developed a love of language and a remarkable memory.
  9. In high school, she realized a love of language and was encouraged to apply to college.
  10. "The guy clearly has a love of language and he's clearly combining metaphor and language in an interesting way,"
  11. But friends say that his serious exterior hides a self-deprecating sense of humor and a love of language and movies.
  12. She was an avid reader and instilled in her son a love of language : " My desire to write to give expression to my thoughts grew out of hearing my mother read " The Vicar of Wakefield " ."
  13. He was not only self-educated, with a love of language that should still be an inspiration to children of any race ( he took his surname from Walter Scott's " Lady of the Lake " ); he was also self-created.
  14. Like the great Broadway songsters before him, Patinkin knows that clever, edgy and wistful words are the driving force of musical theater songs, and in every number on this manic, uninterrupted two-hour program, Patinkin was afire with a love of language.
  15. These characters, of course, come out of a long literary and oral tradition in Ireland, where storytelling is deeply ingrained in the culture and where both the poet and the publican share a love of language and a hearty affection for a well-told tale.

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