a golden opportunity in a sentence

"a golden opportunity" meaning  "a golden opportunity" in Chinese  
  1. Two days later, they let a golden opportunity slip through their grasp.
  2. We had a golden opportunity then and we had golden opportunity today.
  3. I have no doubt this is a golden opportunity for this franchise,
  4. The announcement fueled speculation of whether Sony has bungled a golden opportunity.
  5. This is a golden opportunity for them with all that interstate traffic,
  6. It's difficult to find a golden opportunity in a sentence.
  7. While some men are grousing, others see Friday as a golden opportunity.
  8. She needs work and saw moving to California as a golden opportunity.
  9. If Dole won they would see a golden opportunity for tax reform.
  10. Record companies are not about to pass up such a golden opportunity.
  11. I really view this as a golden opportunity for the Golden State.
  12. This here is a golden opportunity for a lot of young guys,
  13. I believe Chairman Arafat missed a golden opportunity to make that agreement.
  14. It was a golden opportunity that could have prolonged my career.
  15. Democrats have a golden opportunity here to bring some hurt on this guy.
  16. And it has created a golden opportunity for U . S . businesses.
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