a filter in a sentence

"a filter" in Chinese  
  1. He uses a filter to correct for the blue light of twilight.
  2. There is a general brightening, as though a filter has been removed.
  3. Your stove fan has a filter that's best cleaned with straight ammonia.
  4. In some cases one can use a filter to remove unwanted emissions.
  5. A filter is tracking this tactic at Special : AbuseFilter / 711.
  6. It's difficult to find a filter in a sentence.
  7. Do others agree that a filter is called for in this case?
  8. The coffee passes through a filter and drips down into the carafe.
  9. A filter bank is used to split apart the individual receive beams.
  10. A rectifier and a filter capacitor were connected directly to the mains.
  11. A filter mask that uses activated carbon cartridges would do the trick.
  12. The program acts as a filter between your browser and the Web.
  13. Two processes influencing the functionality of a filter are ripening and regeneration.
  14. We would have more downloads if it was a filter ."
  15. They borrowed baseball from us and put it through a filter.
  16. Bombilla is a metal straw with a filter at the end.
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