a doormat in a sentence

"a doormat" in Chinese  
  1. Just like week, he was curling up on a doormat.
  2. Just last week, he was curling up on a doormat.
  3. But they also have to stop being a doormat for Valenti.
  4. We just didn't expect them to be a doormat.
  5. Nobody wants to be a doormat, but sometimes people overcompensate.
  6. It's difficult to find a doormat in a sentence.
  7. The state has been reduced to a doormat for the church,
  8. John Silber is not a nice Nellie or a doormat.
  9. America should keep out the welcome mat but not become a doormat.
  10. She says she became " a doormat ."
  11. "Katherine, don't be a doormat.
  12. The Marlins, unlike some embattled teams, are not a doormat.
  13. But that doesn't mean you have to be a doormat.
  14. It wasn't a great relationship, she was a doormat.
  15. ". . . We're not a doormat for anybody.
  16. Because fans are accustomed to being used as doormats.
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