a doorknob in a sentence

"a doorknob" in Chinese  
  1. Herman said, holding up a fig as hard as a doorknob.
  2. A portrait of lawyer Clarence Darrow, and a doorknob.
  3. Aren't you more important than a doorknob?
  4. I don't think Laurence Olivier ever played a doorknob ."
  5. One of my snakes had gotten out and wrapped itself around a doorknob.
  6. It's difficult to find a doorknob in a sentence.
  7. It's dead as a doorknob ."
  8. Selected workers were followed home after touching a doorknob brushed with Glo Germ.
  9. Heads of tiny brass nails serve as doorknobs.
  10. Afterwards, opening a doorknob was a struggle.
  11. Cut the tip off a black jelly bean and use it as a doorknob.
  12. A cell phone should be as easy-to-use as a doorknob.
  13. To get inside, shoppers must pull on a doorknob shaped like a Pennzoil logo.
  14. A doorknob is a lovely human element.
  15. :I suspect that'getting it from a doorknob'is a cover story.
  16. The remainder, three-quarters of public school students, are potentially dumb as doorknobs.
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