a door in the wall in a sentence

  1. Rigoletto opens a door in the wall and returns home to his daughter Gilda.
  2. Now a guy would say, ` Why ?'or suggest you put a door in the wall ."
  3. The first thing Carter did was remodel the offices and cut a door in the wall between his office and Spina's.
  4. Simply put, we could " bang our head against a wall ", but we could also go over the wall, through a door in the wall, or around the wall.
  5. Madcap mix-ups ensue when the mom and pop ( played by a nearly comatose Garrett Morris, also formerly of " SNL " ) decide to screw up their daughter's life by moving in next-door _ and then installing a door in the wall!
  6. It's difficult to find a door in the wall in a sentence.

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