a doo in a sentence

"a doo" in Chinese  
  1. In high school Mahal sang in a doo-wop group.
  2. As teens they joined a doo-wop group, the Roosters.
  3. The band describe their sound as doo-wop punk.
  4. A doo-wop group named itself the Eldorados.
  5. It started out as a doo-wop group,
  6. It's difficult to find a doo in a sentence.
  7. They were a doo wop harmony group covering The Platters and The Crew Cuts material.
  8. It was also a doo-wop ballad single performed by the Skyliners in 1960.
  9. It is a doo wop style song.
  10. The music-loving Texan fronted a doo-wop group in the early'60s.
  11. In 2002, she reunited with the Dreamers to perform at a doo wop revival event.
  12. Dion and the Belmonts were part of a doo-wop revival trend in the'70s.
  13. Philadelphia's famous 1950s performers also included Danny & the Juniors, a doo wop group.
  14. Since Zappa was a doo-wop fan, he probably references the cover by the Cellos.
  15. Penn State's Joe Paterno gives the refrain a doo-wop flavor with his Brooklyn accent.
  16. She doesn't have a doo-rag on her head, she has a perm now.
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