a dong in a sentence

"a dong" in Chinese  
  1. As Dong-joo left the room, he met Tae-hee.
  2. My gynaecologist advised me not to take any Chinese herbs such as dong quai.
  3. The deposition as well as Dong Zhuo's subsequent atrocities incurred the wrath of many.
  4. Every day at 10 : 30am and 3 : 30pm there is a Dong Culture Show.
  5. As Dong-jin mourns his daughter, he hires an investigator to find her kidnappers.
  6. It's difficult to find a dong in a sentence.
  7. This initially caused apprehension in Meng's mind, as Dong was viewed as a fearsome general.
  8. It was her breakthrough role and she won her first acting award starring as Dong Zihuai in the drama.
  9. Gao's departure was not the last, as Dong was required to remove Liu Shaoqi in 1967.
  10. She is known for her role as Dong-i in 2016 film " Phantom Detective ".
  11. Cao Cao became the next hegemonist to seize control of the Emperor as Dong Zhuo, Li and Guo had done before him.
  12. Sun Jian then advised Zhang Wen to execute Dong Zhuo, but Zhang Wen declined as Dong Zhuo held high reputation in the west.
  13. As Dong Zhuo's carriage neared the palace building, soldiers loyal to Wang Yun escorted Dong Zhuo to the trap they set.
  14. A love triangle develops as Dong-gwon becomes jealous when he observes the developing relationship between Eun-sung and Hye-suk.
  15. Lee Sung Jai, a Dong Bang Corp . spokesman, said his company has not enjoyed any special privileges because of its connections with Roh.
  16. Some already are forced into desperate solutions such as Dong Myung Children's Home, a cheerful, noisy mix of kids and toys and hamsters.
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