a done deal in a sentence

"a done deal" meaning  "a done deal" in Chinese  
  1. The buyer and seller know it's a done deal.
  2. Will the NFL owners grant their approval on a done deal?
  3. "It's virtually a done deal ."
  4. Other officials warned that the agreement was not a done deal.
  5. It is a done deal whether we like it or not,
  6. It's difficult to find a done deal in a sentence.
  7. I think that this is close to being a done deal.
  8. But full exploration isn't a done deal ."
  9. Still, legislators aren't considering it a done deal.
  10. Folks in the know say it's a done deal.
  11. Yet analysts and investors said their victory is not a done deal
  12. But Hayworth knows the pay raise is likely a done deal.
  13. Do the math, and it's a done deal.
  14. When I left Albuquerque, it was not a done deal.
  15. He flew up to Boston and it was a done deal.
  16. "But it's not a done deal yet.
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